In Memoriam


The last gift.

I've watched you.
I've seen you walk on slow wobbly legs.
You are a shadow now of the fierce brave horse I met years ago.
I've seen you watch them from the trees while they run and play.
You stand watch while they sleep around your feet
you don't lay down anymore as if afraid you may not have the strength to rise again.
I remember when you ran fast, so fast with the wind streaming through your long thick mane.
Your time to run is done.
I have been kind to you.
I have loved you.
I remember you rejected my kindness at first
a curry comb in spring
to shed the winter away
saw our friendship grow.
You came to trust me.
The uncatchable horse came to me to be held.
I melted as you wrapped your neck around me
to nibble at my shoulder while I scratched you back in a sharing of space
I have to let you go now old friend
I love you too much to see you suffer.
Respect you too much to not give you this final bit of dignity.
The gift I give rips my heart apart
I give it out of love knowing that the rest you need will come now.
Goodbye old friend.

Chiefy - 2015