Rusty’s Riding Retreat offers clients a range of lessons and trail rides to suit all ability levels.

Megan is a qualified and experienced instructor who has a real passion for sharing her love of horses and riding. Over the last few years she has been focusing on rider biomechanics to help riders achieve a safe, solid and balanced position. Once this is in place anything is possible. We are very proud of our team of quiet, reliable school horses for riders of varying skill levels to learn on in our fenced arena. Our lessons are primarily one on one but we can accommodate sibling groups or friends who wish to ride together.

We also offer groundwork lessons from basic horsemanship to more advanced techniques to give our clients confidence working horses on the ground. Every horse benefits from clear consistent groundwork and we can show you how to clearly and effectively communicate with your horse in a kind and gentle way.

Rusty’s offers those who have lost confidence a place to regain it in a safe, non-judgemental environment with a specialist instructor to guide the way. Our horses are also especially gentle with those who lack confidence and have been specially trained to not let the riders nervousness bother them. She has spent many years learning how to best help riders who have been away from the sport start their horsemanship journey over again with special consideration to the life changes that have changed the way we think about our riding.

We are very proud that all of Rusty’s horses are ridden in bitless bridles and trained with kind and gentle methods that encourage them to keep their personalities and have the skills to cope in the human world. All our horses are regularly in our round yard to keep those groundwork skills soft and willing. We are not anti bit but we are pro bitless. Megan has helped hundreds of horses to go softly and kindly in bitless bridles and has safe tried and true methods for transitioning horses to bitless riding for owners who are interested in converting their horses to a kinder way of riding.


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